Here's a list of the top FAQ.

Don't see your question answered? Feel free to contact me. 


Are sessions through video because of COVID?

Yes,your health and mine are centered in therapy. Therefore, for the indefinite future we'll be meeting online.


How often can we meet?

Great question, I meet with clients on a weekly basis. My offices hours are Tuesday-Friday during the afternoon and evening.


Do you accept insurance?

I am an out-of-network provider. Clients pay for the sessions and are provided with invoices they can submit to insurance for reimbursement. If your in-network providers do not specialize in what you're looking for, you can petition to your insurance to see someone out of network. 


Do you work with all partnerships?

Yes, I work with open, monogamous and poly relationships, as well as folks of all genders and sexualitites. 


Do you have a sliding scale?

Yes, access to mental health services is important for our communities. These spaces are reserved for those most marginalized by society-BIPOC,TGNB, LGBQ, and undocumented folks. I strive to make efforts to maintain space for people. When these spaces are filled up-I can provide a referral to community based services and/or I have a waitlist.


Do you have a favorite color?

Yes, almost every shade of blue. 


When can we start?

Send me a message through the contact form and let's get started.

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