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Gender Affirmative Surgery Mental Health Evaluations

At Cabezas Therapy in New York, we are dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey towards gender affirmation, particularly those considering gender-affirmative surgery. We offer essential mental health evaluations for clients aged 18 and above. Our team, deeply committed to the trans* and non binary community, and those who may use another name but also need support. 

Our therapists at Cabezas Therapy strive to lead a change towards a more inclusive and empathetic practice, ensuring that our approach reflects our deeply held values of respect and understanding for every individual's unique journey.

If you are considering starting the evaluation process, we warmly invite you to connect with us. Below is additional information about the gender affirmative surgery evaluation process and some frequently asked questions tailored to the New York context:

  • Gender Affirmative Surgery Evaluations in New York: Under the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines, individuals seeking gender affirmative surgeries in New York require psychological evaluations. These involve a session with a mental health provider to assess your suitability for surgery, resulting in a letter that summarizes your candidacy and offers recommendations.

  • Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT) in New York: In New York, hormone replacement treatment (HRT) follows an informed consent model, which means that a letter from a mental health provider is not necessary.

Our Evaluation Approach at Cabezas Therapy: We recognize the potential gatekeeping role of these evaluations. Adhering to the WPATH Standards of Care, our approach is empathetic and respectful. Our clinicians, experienced in supporting gender-diverse clients, aim to assist you in accessing the gender-affirming medical care you need, ensuring that you are well-prepared and supported.

Attestation Letter Requirements in New York: Requirements for attestation letters in New York can vary based on different insurance companies and surgery centers. We recommend verifying the specific requirements with your insurance or surgery center.

For those without insurance or experiencing financial difficulties, Cabezas Therapy is committed to equity and social justice. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss options, including sliding scale rates offered by some of our clinicians.

In the diverse and vibrant community of New York, taking this step is significant, and Cabezas Therapy is here to offer support with compassion and understanding throughout your journey.

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